On left, "Asha" from the Shani series of dolls, 1991 by Mattel. This is the ballgown doll, there were also 2 series of swimsuit dolls, and one series of "Soultrain" dolls. As far as I can tell, the series was discontinued in 1993. Shani, Nichelle, and Asha each have their own unique facial mold and skin tone. They are beautiful dolls! IMHO one of the all time best dolls of the 1990's. On the right
is "Miss Italia" a Tanya doll, Italy's version of "Barbie". She is manufactured and sold in Italy by Ceppiratti, 1994.This doll is apparently most common in blonde, can occasionally be found as a red head, and is unavailable as a brunette or a black doll. If anyone knows more about Tanya dolls, I would love to hear from you.

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