2 examples of the "Happy to be me" doll. On left, the most recent version of the doll. This doll, by Esteem International, 1993, came in blonde or brunette, and came boxed with an extra outfit, or in a giftset that had the outfit plus a storybook. The doll on right, by High Self Esteem Toys, is the original version of "Happy", this doll was purchased at a local toy store recently but is marked 1991. I also have another version of this 1991 doll, boxed in a large blue box, no window. I think this carded version of the doll was an attempt to sell off old stock. I have not seen any newer versions of this doll. Although this doll claimed to represent the proportions of a "real person", I think Hasbro's "Maxie" does a better job of accurately representing a "real teen-age girl's" physique.

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Matt Saettler Lisa Sheets

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