Dusty and Skye dolls: Made by Kenner in 1975. from left: regular Dusty doll, in original Dusty tennis outfit and shoes. Arm has jointed wrists, hands that can grip a bat or golf club, and "swinging" action. Doll in the middle is "Trade in Special" Dusty, this doll has a more attractive head/neck attachment, and nicely sculpted one-piece arms On right is Dusty's friend Skye. Her body construction is the same as that of original Dusty. I have never seen a "Trade in Special" Skye, and do not know if one was ever made. If one WAS made, I would love to have one in my collection!! Skye is wearing a Barbie™ ballgown, just for a change of pace (!)

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Matt Saettler Lisa Sheets

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