On left, Dana, Covergirl, by Kenner 1977. This was from the Darci series of dolls, which included Darci (in 3 haircolors), Dana, and Erica, a red haired friend. This Dana is MIB, wearing her original outfit. On the right, another version of Darci,
Fashion Fragrance Darci, by Kenner, 1978. Most Darci dolls have the same body construction as a JEM doll: ultra posable including bendable elbows and wrists. BUT the Fashion Fragrance Darci was the a later issue of the Darci doll, and is recognizable by her one-piece hard plastic arms.... they do not bend. Otherwise she appears the same as regular Darci. For more information on Darci, don't forget to stop by Pam's awsomely informative page: Darci's Fabulous Disco Annex

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